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This 'Digital Human' Might Be a Clue to What You'll Be Playing on the PS5

Looks like it.

The days of huge graphical leaps between games consoles are all but over. That’s probably why Sony and Microsoft have chosen to tinker with their existing tech rather than pursue new hardware, but it’s led many to wonder just how far off a true next-gen console could be.

Well, according to a big hint from Sony, it could sooner than you thought. According to T3, a recent job advertisement might point to the existence of a few PlayStation 5 titles already in the works.

Sony-owned studio house Bend is "seeking a Senior Staff Gameplay Programmer to contribute to our development process" with "Next Gen game console experience".

T3 speculates that “next-gen” points towards the long-awaited PS5 or the rumored 56 PlayStation Portable, and that the requirement for a “strong understanding” of “UNREAL technology” means that the powerful new engine will have a big part to play in the console's titles.

It comes weeks after its creators, Epic Games, released a series of teaser videos showing off the Unreal Engine 4 in action.

Not only that, but the role clearly suggests that a dev kitthe raw hardware developers use to build a game aroundalready exists.

The news comes after rumors from Kotaku that Sony’s next console will debut in 2020. More than enough time for developers to get to grips with the new technology.

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