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How to Find Out If Your Passwords Have Ever Been Leaked

Protect your privacy, ASAP.
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You care about online privacy, but do you care enough to memorise a password that isn’t just your name with a couple of exclamation marks tagged on? No chance.

Not that it matters. A flurry of massive data breaches over the past decade have laid bare even the most uncrackable, umlaut-loaded passwords to hackers, scammers and schemers across the world.

How do you stand a chance against that kind of negligence? According to LifeHacker, it’s by keeping track of where your passwords have been compromised. Passprotect, a free Chrome extension that uses data from the site Have I Been Pwned, lets you know if your passwords and emails have ever been caught up in a data breach.

Passprotect says: “There are a lot of passwords floating around the web because they were exposed in a data breach. Threat actors can use these exposed passwords to try to compromise your account—don’t let them get in by using an exposed password.

“PassProtect is a new, experimental way to help individual users play a more active role in protecting their online accounts. We believe that by informing and guiding users to reset their credentials when necessary, we can all help make the web a safer place”

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