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Please Let This iPhone 8 Charging Rumor Be True

Unlimited power!
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Is there anything worse than having an iPhone charger that only works when it's positioned just so? (forget about the rising sea levels for a moment, please, it's a Friday).

You're a busy guy with lots of important business to attend to. Sure, you could just buy a new charger, but then again Apple could just cut the bulls**t and stop making inferior chargers. How about that?

Thankfully, the edgeless, stainless steel overlords across in Silicon Valley (expensive to buy property in San Fran right now, so we hear) have heard of our miserable plight and are—as rumor would suggest—going to introduce wireless charging for the iPhone 8.


As reported by a grown man who dedicates his life and wellbeing to technological conjecture, here we see a blueprint for what could well be the next iPhone. Let's walk through it, shall we.

Firstly, you'll notice a rounded surface-thing at the back of the picture, evidence if ever we've seen it that the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging. But that's not all, no, no, no. It also looks like there are two cameras at the back, which is definitely important.

While this absolutely totally unofficial, you can be sure there'll be plenty more leaks arriving in the months before September, which is when Apple will properly unveil the iPhone.

We need to lie down for a minute, it's all just too exciting.

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