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Polaroid Is Making a Comeback With This Instant Analog Camera
Give your photos a real blast from the past.

After you binge-watch Stranger Things, it's totally normal to become nostalgic of the '80s. Especially for Instagram and photography enthusiasts, there's nothing quite like a polaroid camera to immediately take us to a stroll down memory lane.

Being the handy tool that it is, Polaroid Originals' OneStep camera was a must-have in the late '70s and early '80s. The fact that you can simply snap a picture and instantly have a physical, unpolished copy of it in your hands gives it that special kind of charm any digital printout can't imitate. And thankfully, we can all experience the camera's authentic film effect in 2017!

Come December, the makers of the original Polaroid is bringing us a blast from the past in its chicest form. The OneStep 2 i-Type keeps the analog format alive in the freshest way possible, and you don't need to be a child of the '80s to fall in love with it. It's as close to the old format as it can get, if not a lot better and more convenient for the digital soul. After all, it is made by the OG manufacturers of the iconic device.

Polaroid OneStep 2 i-Type Camera, P8990, Bratpack

The camera will be available in Bratpack stores near you, along with films in packs of 8 retailing for P1495. You can also watch out for it in Satchmi stores in the near future.

Happy snapping!

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