Sometimes, Driving's Just Better With a Pickup

Let us count the ways.
Sometimes, Driving's Just Better With a Pickup

From your first stumbling steps to your first stuttering run, you learn to love the thrill of movement. The wind in your face, the ground a blur beneath your feet...until you’re locked away inside classrooms and cubicles. Freedom becomes a rarity, experienced in spurts and flashes between the grinding routine of daily life.


It’s on the road that we rediscover that freedom. Most people look for it behind the wheels of zippy hatchbacks or low-slung sports cars. Or perhaps the odd luxury car. But the ultimate freedom, arguably, is at the helm of the majestic pickup truck, lording it high and mighty over the rest of the rush-hour traffic.

Yes, the lowly farmer’s steed, the workhorse of the provincial proletariat. It’s easy to grow a soft spot for these beasts. Tire-spinning hooliganism and go-anywhere ruggedness hold an unerring appeal for any red-blooded male. And unlike the clattery oil-burners of old, today’s pickups are the paragon of civility, with air-conditioning, power steering, touchscreen sound systems, leather seats. All of this in a vehicle priced significantly lower than an SUV or executive car.

There is no better power-per-peso metric out there than with the modern diesel pickup. Take the 2.5-liter engine under the hood of the Nissan Navara. With 187 horses, it doesn’t hang around. The days when a smoky old diesel truck could barely muster a hundred horses are long gone. Thank goodness for modern traction control—otherwise those rear tires would be gone as well, as you blast your way to 100kph in just 10 seconds. That’s pretty quick for a commuter car, and exceptional for a truck.

And no car can carry as much. Appliances? Balikbayan boxes? Furniture? Everything fits in the 1.5m-by-1.5m bed. No soiled carpets, no fuss. In the old days, this sort of cargo flexibility required extra-stiff leaf springs that rattled your teeth out. The Navara instead comes with soft and supple rear coil springs, just like those you’d find on a car, but without compromising its utilitarian capabilities.

Utility isn’t freedom, but it sure helps you get there. That same commanding seating position that helps you navigate traffic is just as useful when you’re picking your way through a forest trail. The ride height necessary for dealing with urban potholes is a boon when clambering over ruts and boulders. And the wading depth of 600mm provides the ability to traverse thigh-deep creeks and gullies, with the four-wheel-drive system and the electronic locking rear differential keeping you going even on the most treacherous terrain. A high-strength boxed frame prevents the chassis twisting that typically occurs on trails like this, and as a bonus, it translates to better ride refinement in the urban jungle. And that oh-so-useful bed is perfect for hauling camping gear, bicycles, and other me-time paraphernalia.

All the way out to where freedom is. Fresh air, blue skies, green grass, sparkling water. Not quite every car guy’s motoring fantasy, but let’s be honest here: When was the last time you were able to roll your window down to enjoy fresh air in the city? Besides, green is good for your health, or so we hear.

With the Navara, you can bring that freedom home—or to the office, or anywhere you choose to go. Whether you’re in a three-piece suit, bumming in shorts in the mall, or doing the jeans-and-tee grocery run, it’s the perfect companion for any occasion.

And if there isn’t any, you can always go out and make your own.

For more information about the Nissan Navara, visit Nissan's website

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Nissan.
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