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You're Going to Envy Dawn Zulueta's Sweet Rides

She definitely drives better than you.
IMAGE Land Rover / Mercedes-Benz / Twitter - Dawn Zulueta (@dawnzpost)

Dawn Zulueta seems to have reserved her Fridays for road trips.

In April, the actress posted two photos of her behind the wheel, and got "1,000 gorgeous points" for driving off-road vehicles.

This was her first ride: a Mercedes G-class, which can withstand any terrain-related challenge.

According to Top Gear Philippines website, its price ranges from PHP10.8 to 12.8 million.

Last Friday, April 27, she drove a Land Rover Defender, which, according to its website, was "especially designed to handle the longest hauls and toughest off-road experiences with maximum capability in all driving conditions."

According to Top Gear Philippines' website, its price starts at PHP3.4 million and can go as high as PHP11.5 million depending on the specs.


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