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The OnePlus 3T Is a Flagship Smartphone That Doesn't Cost a Fortune
Premium without paying the price.
IMAGE OnePlus 3T

You can’t really fault the big players on the smartphone market for charging a premium for their flagship products. After all many customers, even price-conscious ones (and aren’t we all?) are still willing to pay extra for the latest upgrade. So the game won’t change, unless there were to be a viable option offering similar specs but for a massively reduced price tag.

Good news everyone. The OnePlus 3T gives the leading brands’ newest releases a run for their money, without taking all of yours. Let’s investigate.

Charging ahead

Being chained to your phone charger is something we all have to deal with. So far the only ways to cope are bringing a power bank with you wherever you go, constantly keeping your phone plugged in, or desperately trying out every new phone-charging hack floating around the internet. With Dash Charge, you don’t have to worry about any of it. According to independently conducted battery tests, the OnePlus 3T can go from fully drained to 100% in about 75 minutes. It’ll last you for a full day of video streaming, gaming and messaging.

A multi-tasking entertainer  

It’s not called ADD anymore, now we multitask. Under the OnePlus 3T’s sleek hood, you can find a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and 6GB of RAM, which easily let you run even the most demanding apps and games at the same time, without any lag. Plus, with up to 128 GB of storage, you can load up your phone with as much entertainment as you like.   

SLR-like quality snaps and selfies

The device’s rear and front camera are both pretty impressive at 16MP. The OnePlus 3T's rear camera brings out the best in your images with lightning-fast shutter speed, snappy autofocus, cutting-edge noise reduction and improved stabilization technologies. Perfect for Instagram boyfriends and the women they love to photograph.


Smooth inside and out

The OnePlus 3T’s OxygenOS offers users a smooth user experience with a bevy of customization options enhancing the Android’s core functionalities. But it’s not just the inside that’s pleasing, the device is a looker as well. Its bold gunmetal color and minimalist-yet-resilient metal build set it apart from other flagship smartphones on the market. Of course, the 5.5 inch 1080p Optic AMOLED display produces pretty vivid images as well.

The OnePlus 3T retails for around Php 24,990. You can procure yours exclusively at select Digital Walker branches. 

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