This Korean Van Is the Best Reply to 'I Need Space.'

It has enough space to make you forget about traffic
This Korean Van Is the Best Reply to 'I Need Space.'

Korean automotive brands have been making a name for themselves, thanks to their elegant designs, refined interiors, comfortable rides, and top-notch safety features.

Hyundai, in particular is an example of this. Here in the Philippines, the company has gone from being the go-to carmaker for fuel-efficient budget haulers and city hatches, to becoming a top-of-mind choice in the increasingly competitive mid-market segments. 

That's enough of a reason for aspiring and current car owners to talk about Hyundai. It is, after all, the third largest car manufacturer in the world, not to mention the third top-selling automotive brand in the Philippines.

Also impressive is how Korean-made vans like the Hyundai H350 are finding a niche with upscale Filipino car buyers. It’s no easy task, taking into account how saturated the segment is becoming. 

More affluent Pinoys are beginning to notice vans for their extra convenience and practicality. In the case of the Hyundai H350, with cabin standing height of six feet three inches, the possibilities are near-endless. You may convert it into a hauler with its own private sleeping quarters or whatever bespoke vehicle you may have in mind. Established entrepreneurs and business executives can even fit them with a mobile office. Time is money, so you might as well get some work done while on the road.

Aside from the obvious space, the key lies in what the H350 is hiding underneath its hood. The vehicle runs on CRDi 2.5-liter diesel engine capable of up to 168hp, and a speed of up to 156kph. It’s enough to haul passengers from shoot to shoot, or even long business trips. It is also equipped with variety of safety features such as Rollover Mitigation system, Hill-Assist Mitigation, Engine Drag Control, and Hydraulic Brake Assist. And with its plush ride, suitable height and easy-to-use sliding door, the H350 might just be the most comfortable and convenient model in its class.

Many of the nation’s vehicles have improved in the last decade. And if you're looking to do a little moving up of your own, do yourself a favor and explore a Korean brand or two. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

To know more about the Hyundai H350, visit the nearest Hyundai dealership or go to their website.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Hyundai.