Your Beloved Friendster Gets a Facelift From a Filipino Graphic Designer

Who else misses Friendster right now?

We might joke about it now, but Friendster is looking more appealing given how toxic Facebook has become. With the abundance of imposter accounts and toxic news feeds, it’s not uncommon anymore to take Facebook breaks and deactivate for a couple of days.

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It’s making us miss the days of Friendster, the Asian grandfather of social networking, where all we had to worry about was how to change the corny photo of our profile background with something even cornier. It might be cringey to look back on, but it’s crazy to think of the time social media was really just dedicated to socializing.  

And it looks like we’re not the only ones missing the golden days of Friendster. Filipino graphic designer Lawrence Suzara took a shot at redesigning what Friendster would look like in 2020, and we’re loving the results.



The facelift kept some of Friendster’s iconic features, like the profile views counter, tab of people who recently viewed you, and testimonials. Not to mention the music player that probably won’t be playing tunes circa 2000s anymore.

"Ever since the quarantine started, I got to spend more time on Facebook. Though the UI is clean, it still gets boring even when the new beta facelift arrived. Also, the news feed is getting a little toxic which made me remember my fun times with Friendster," explained Suzara.

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"You could customize the theme of your profile page to express your personality. There wasn't any newsfeed too so there isn't really a way to post a topic for open discussion. You could only share personal thoughts about your friends. No fake news or anything like that. And so I thought, what if Friendster was still a thing?"

The sleek new look is a dream of what Friendster would be in 2020—a safe space for socializing, sans fake accounts and toxic trolls.

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