How to Build the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Steel and stone are a divine combination.
How to Build the Kitchen of Your Dreams

If there’s one room in the house that serves different roles, it’s probably the kitchen. Throughout the years, it has morphed from being just an area for preparing and cooking meals to a space where family and friends gather to spend time together. That’s why it’s become very important to consider the design of your kitchen, especially if you enjoy entertaining.

If you’re looking to refresh your kitchen area, look to the DeLinea model designed by Scavolini for inspiration. The design aims to combine modern and sophisticated elements and integrate them into the kitchen. Expect harmonious and seductive silhouettes and trendy materials. Below, some of the model’s design elements that will spark your creativity if you want to revamp your kitchen and give it a sleeker look.

Contrasting Neutral Shades

The easiest way to bring a vibe of subtle elegance into your kitchen is to use contrasting neutrals. The effect is a soft kind of zoning to differentiate one area from another. The contrasting pale shade of a Calce Grigio Stoneware worktop adds a stark contrast when combined with the dark shade of Calce Antracite Stoneware. The clean yet warm appearance of this look certainly has its appeal!

Mixed Textures

If you wish to infuse a bit of uniqueness to your kitchen, consider adding texture. Pair different kitchen cabinet styles or combine materials—such as steel and wood—together to match your style preference. The London Grey Fenix NTM doors and aluminum frame with smoked glass doors perfectly blend in with any design, adding a contemporary, understated look.

Brass Hardware

Choose hardware that works seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen decor, like brass handles for your cabinets and drawers. The recessed grips of these handles by Scavolini will give your kitchen a refined, clean look. They're cut at a 40° angle for an easier grip, and the grip profiles come in flat and rounded shapes for a stylish yet functional handle-free kitchen. Plus, hints of gold, regardless of the color or style of the area, will give it a warm, classic appeal. Brass handles will also complement cabinet doors with different stone finishes. Observe how the brass accents give a regal feel to the grey stone cabinets by Scavolini.

Open Shelves

Nix your upper cabinets and replace them with shelves. It’s a fun way to organize your kitchen and display your fine porcelain. Open shelves work best for those who enjoy switching the shelf vignettes in their kitchens. Sometimes, even the most mundane items look amazing when grouped en masse. Try Scavolini's thin sheet shelves for an airy yet polished look. They come in bronze, brass, and steel, and are suspended via cables for a minimalist look.

Modern Cabinets

Simply changing your kitchen cabinet color can instantly transform the overall look of your kitchen. Stick with neutrals to help ground your space—this will also give you the freedom to add more playful and bold colors through your appliances and other kitchenware. The combination of Concrete Jersey decorative melamine and Moon Blue matte lacquered doors is versatile enough to fit any future kitchen redesigns.

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