What It's Like to Sit on a P30,000 Gaming Chair

Is the Secretlab gaming chair worth the price tag?

I’ve broken way too many office chairs and regular swivel chairs in the last five years. There was one chair I bought for P5,000 that did not even last a week—one of its wheels broke under the pressure of my body's weight. In fact, all of the chairs I sat on broke in the same part of the wheelbase. 

That’s why, when Secretlab sent a Titan gaming chair, I was apprehensive about how long it would last me. 

Secretlab Titan Softweave Cookies and Cream Gaming Chair

Photo by Secretlab.

The first thing I noticed when I unboxed the gaming chair was how very heavy and sturdy its metal base is. I later discovered that it is made of a special alloy used in heavy industries, particularly in making engines. The wheelbase is made of aluminum alloy number 383 (ADC12), a lightweight, highly durable, and corrosion-resistant metal. 

This gaming chair provides optimum comfort.

Another thing that I liked about the gaming chair is how its seat is soft and perfectly captures your buttocks, but is never deformed regardless of how long you sit or lie on your chair. 


With my previous chairs, my butt would hurt after hours of sitting in front of the computer, even when I used a rubber cushion. I couldn’t stand afterward because of the pain. I was surprised how this problem disappeared just a day after using the Secretlab Titan gaming chair. 

My chair has a full-length backrest that bends up to 165 degrees—perfect for when I want to take a break from work or gaming, or when I want to watch Netflix. 

It also has a multi-tilt mechanism that allows me to adjust the angle of the seat, which greatly reduced the back pain I regularly experienced with previous office chairs. 

Another thoughtful feature is the adjustable lumbar support, which is great for my aging lower back. 

Its 4D armrests are also adjustable, which is a great feature whenever I play Mobile Legends. I no longer have to rest my arms on the desktop or in an awkward position. Engineers obviously designed this chair with mobile and PC gamers in mind. 

The surface of the backrest and the seat of the Titan Cookies and Cream gaming chair is lined with Softweave Fabric, a proprietary invention of Secretlab. It is made from dense short-yarn meticulously ground together to create a fluffy, breathable texture, so my skin doesn’t sweat a lot on the seat. 

Overall verdict: It feels like a very comfortable car seat. 

Photo by Mario Alvaro Limos.
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In the last five years, I’ve probably broken at least seven office chairs, and even more regular chairs, and the cost of those is probably more than the price tag of a Secretlab gaming chair.

But why would you opt for something less that does not provide comfort and durability? A Secretlab gaming chair is a good investment.

The Secretlab Titan gaming chair has the reassuring comfort and durability of a car’s driver seat with fully adjustable tilt, backrest, and armrests. It is engineered to last long and provide optimum comfort for long-duration work or gaming. It is a chair that adjusts to your body’s comfort, not the other way around.

Secretlab is available on Shopee and Lazada

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