These Star Wars Furniture are Cobonpue's Coolest Creations


We adult nerds love geeking out without being too obvious about it. We'll jump at any chance to incorporate some fandom into our lives without compromising the integrity of our fortresses of solitude. Jump away, because Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue's high-end Star Wars furniture collection is finally coming to the States. Needless to say, the Force is strong with this one.

When Disney approached Cobonpue to make the collection, he was wary. "At first, I said, you don’t need me for this because I don’t make replicas of machines, and Star Wars fans will only buy something if there’s the face of Darth Vader on it—I don’t do that," he told the Philippine Star in October. "They said, ‘No, no, no. We want you to interpret through the lens of a Filipino designer.'"

Originally exclusive to the Philippines, the sorta subtle and awesome-looking collection can finally make its way into your home stateside. Before you get too excited, though, online ordering isn't an option yet. But the pieces will be available in showrooms across New York, L.A., D.C., Chicago, and more. Here's a rundown of what Cobonpue's Star Wars collection includes.

TIE Fighter Chair

Photo by COURTESY.

A TIE Fighter chair in both black and white. Honestly, it just looks like a designer chair. This bad guy will run you a hot P140,000.

TIE Fighter Tables

Photo by COURTESY.

IE Fighter tables, the perfect companions to your TIE Fighter chairs. They come in black and white, and cost P34,000.

Wookiee Rocking Stool

Photo by COURTESY.
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Here is a Wookiee rocking stool, featuring Chewie's signature fur and ammo belt. It will blast you back P69,000.

Vader Armchair

Photo by COURTESY.

A Vader armchair, complete with a movable arm so it can be used as a table for whatever Sith-like work you have going on. This sinister seat will have your bank account looking P220,000 smaller.

Palpatine Armchair 

Photo by COURTESY.

An eerie Emperor Palpatine arm chair that's a little too spooky for me, especially with the P130,000 price tag.

Jedi Lamp

Photo by COURTESY.

And finally, the weirdest and coolest piece from the collection: the Jedi Lamp, which looks like a membrane with a bunch of Jedi fighting a Sith. Badass. Coming in both a hanging style and a floor lamp style, they'll set you back P92,000 or P99,000, respectively.

This story originally appeared on Esquire.comMinor edits have been made by the editors.

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