The Best Work-From-Home Custom-Made Desks

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It’s been almost six months (time flies) since quarantine began and thousands if not millions of workers were introduced to the new normal: working from home. At first, it sounded like a dream. You get to save money from commuting and eating out. You get to avoid the mental trauma of EDSA traffic. You get to enjoy home-cooked meals, sleeping in, and being home all day to receive your online shopping orders.

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But then the reality sets in and you realize this work-from-home setup comes with way more work than before. You’re no longer as productive as you were in the beginning. And the bed, that’s in close proximity to your desk, is looking more enticing by the minute.

The answer? It might be time to invest in a productive workspace. Home décor and furniture sales are up wherever you go, whether that’s at Wilcon Depot or simply Facebook Marketplace. All this time at home is encouraging us to invest in our homes, starting with potted plants, Korean blinds, artsy plates… and productive workspaces.

We’ve written about the essentials you need for a work-from-home setup, but we’re narrowing down this story to the best work-from-home desks on the market that will boost your productivity while improving the look and feel of your new office (your home).

Disclaimer: All the desks on this list are handmade from local businesses that also make custom furniture. #SupportLocal with these local furniture stores.


Here are the best desks from small businesses we recommend you consider for your big furniture splurge:

1| DEKKO Furniture & Design

The Best Desk For: couples or families that need a space saving desk that can fit two chairs.

Dekko has a wide array of amazing desk designs, but this is a favorite of ours. This work table made from solid mahogany has enough storage space for all your stationary, books, files, and more. It's also big enough to fit more than one person without being too crowded. 

2| Acts Woodwork

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The Best Desk For: the student who need a compact desk to fit plant babies and books.

Whether you're a student or a yuppie living in a studio apartment, this is a great desk for those who need a space-saving piece of furniture. The clean design will also add a modern touch to your work space. 

3| Trademark Kawpeng Designs

The Best Desk For: the manager who needs space to fit two monitors and a printer.  

Here's a no-nonsense design for someone who needs enough space for a busy work day. There's enough elbow room to make you comfortable during your long hours, and enough shelves to hide the clutter from your eyesight. 

4| Peter's Custom Built Furniture


The Best Desk For: the guy with a lot of books to fill up those shelves.

This work station will make your IKEA dreams come true thanks to innovative local craftsmen. The Nordic look is also extra-Instagrammable, but let's wait to Instagram until after work, yes?

5| Parallel Arts

The Best Desk For: the couch potato who likes to “work-from-bed.”

Technically, your bed is in your home, so there's nothing wrong with that. This side table can double as a small laptop table for those who feel most productive lounging on a comfy bed. 

6| The Old Wood PH


The Best Desk For: the minimalist personality who does not like clutter.

Clean and minimalist, this custom-built table is purposefully built without shelves or too much space. It saves you from being tempted to make clutter, thereby ensuring your work space will keep you productive without any distractions. Apart from your beloved plants, of course. 

7| Restored Designs

The Best Desk For: the plantita who wants an ambient setting.

This expandable work station set was made for someone who's planning to stick to WFH permanently. It's a full home office collection that combines comfort with practicality.

8| Industrial Manila


The Best Desk For: the architect/engineer who needs extra space and storage for blueprints.

This no-frills desk is all about keeping it simple and practical. For some of us, a small desk just doesn't make the cut. This heavy duty desk is perfect for those who need extra space for paperwork, blueprints, and extra monitors.

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