These Furniture Pieces Are So Beautiful, They’re Like Art

These Furnitalia finds will add character to your space.

These Furniture Pieces Are So Beautiful, They’re Like Art

It’s cliche at this point to say the new year merits makeovers, but what better excuse do you need to splurge on fresh furniture pieces to reconfigure your space? Moving in a space you call your own with carefully curated pieces does wonders for the weary soul, lockdown or no lockdown.

It’s hard to strike a balance between too fancy and too utilitarian, but good thing Furnitalia has a catalog that combines form and function to cater to all your whims. The thought of one minor change changing the trajectory of your life might be amusing, but a simple home can turn into a premiere abode with a luxurious European piece or two.

Founded by Florence Ko, Furnitalia just celebrated its 20th anniversary, so you know the pioneer in the local luxury furniture market takes craftsmanship and culture seriously. We’re pretty sure these pieces will fit right at home in your space.


1919 (Poltrona Frau)

The seat, backrest and armrests of Renzo Frau’s 1919 sprung by means of hand-tied double cone steel springs resting on jute belts and anchored to a seasoned beech support structure. Seat padding is in rubberized horsehair, while the backrest and armrests are in hand-shaped vegetable horsehair. The seat cushion is in goose down to provide proper insulation, because pretty things have to be functional too.

The backrest is done through manual capitonné working, with a row of leather-upholstered nails dotting the back. The plate-holder is in wax-treated Canaletto walnut. The optional ashtray is meant for cigars, but we make a case for the wine-drinkers who need a landing pad for their stemware mid-conversation.

Rich brown, teetering on burgundy, is a match for this classic, but the piece is also available in polished gray or bright green for a bolder touch to any room.

Chesterline Sofa + Chester Armchair (Poltrona Frau)

The Chester armchair catches eyes with its rich capitonné-processed leather on the pleated armrests, crafted entirely by hand. Originally designed by Renzo Frau in Italy, this piece exudes timeless elegance and is an homage to the furniture found in London’s most exclusive clubs and country homes in the 1910s, making it a worthy addition to your collection of high-quality furniture.

For bigger spaces, consider its sibling, the Chesterline Sofa. It consists of modular pieces with various elements, such as the chaise lounge, the pouf, and two corner sofas. The Chesterline Sofa’s armchair comes without armrests, but the original Chester Armchair fits right in with ease. Thanks to its modular nature, an unlimited number of configurations exists to accommodate your space’s functional and aesthetic needs.


Solaria Outdoor Collection (Poltrona Frau)

Channel elevated comfort with the Solaria seating system, which consists of a corner and bench end modules, a tall armchair with or without armrests and two tables, square and rectangular with one or two tops.

Though designed to cover bigger spaces, the system’s backrests and armrests still possess a characteristic lightness thanks to 0.5 mm diameter cord covering and the sofas’ slim cast aluminum foot, creating geometric harmony. Its interwoven pattern thickens the base and top, creating plays of light and shadow—a sight you’re sure to appreciate during lazy weekend afternoons and beautiful sunsets.

Work of Art

Albero (Poltrona Frau)

This Albero swivel bookcase is proof that more than functional pieces, furniture and its design are works of art on their own.

Anchored to the ceiling down to the floor, the Gianfranco Frattini piece is an homage to the popular bookcase style throughout the 50s and 60s, boasting complex puzzlework for the shelves while preserving its sculpted nature. The centerpiece-worthy piece has a fully functional 360° swivel mechanism to house and display other bits from your collection.


Adam Bed (Giorgetti)

The sleek and sophisticated structure of the headboard in plywood is completed by cushions in a cold foamed expanded polyurethane covered with fiber, removable and enriched by a piping in leather. Its solid beech color is perfect for those who prefer minimalist interiors.


Tenet desk (Giorgetti)

The palindrome-inspired desk system can either have two "heads" at both ends, or just one and a drawer chest for a piece of furniture that is flexible and customizable.


Ritratto (Fiam)

Aptly named Ritrato, this golden wooden frame mounted directly atop the mirror surface blends the Baroque style with the modern edge of glass. The conversation piece is available in gold or silver finishes.

Adrien (Molteni)

The vessel which contains your other prized possessions should look just as good as the baubles it houses. The Adrien storage unit might seem like just a cabinet, but the conceptually avant-garde piece is a happy marriage of aesthetic and utility. Glass lends transparency that allows objects to shine, all the while holding its ground as its own piece.

You can also check out these other Furnitalia products for some New Year’s inspiration for your space:

Iris Console (Medea)

Amadeus Table (Giorgetti)

Glo Hanging Lamp (Penta)

Inori Bookcase (Fiam)

Archibald Anniversary Limited Edition Armchair (Poltrona Frau)

Poliedri Hanging Lamp (Venini)

Gliss Master Sistema 7 wardrobe (Molteni & C)

Drop by the Furnitalia showroom in person at 30th Street corner Rizal Drive, Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig to check the items up-close and see which pieces work together best for your home.

For more options, visit the Furnitalia website, Furnitalia Facebook page, and official Furnitalia Instagram.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with FURNITALIA.

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