Esquire Men Take on the Dreaded Miss Universe Q&A

We are confidently beautiful, too.
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A true Esquire man possesses both good looks and brains. He has carefully considered opinions on a wide range of important subjects and gives thoughtful answers when asked. The problem is, nobody’s asked us what we think. So we’ve remedied that by asking a few Esquire men how they would answer the Miss Universe questions, and now we’re presenting them to you. Because we’re nice like that.

Let’s start with an easy one to warm up:

What does it mean to be “confidently beautiful”?

DJ SAM YG, Boys’ Night Out:

Thank you judges for that question and mabuhay Philippines! I believe what makes me confidently beautiful is acknowledging the fact that I am a unique human being. I have the ability to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions—without trying to be anybody else. My experiences in life—the ups and downs—have made me who I am today and nobody can take that away from me.

Chappy Callanta, fitness coach:

What makes me confidently beautiful are my wife and children. With them, I know that no matter how tired or haggard I look, they’ll love me and accept me with open arms at the end of the day, as long as I do right by them. As long as I know that, I’ll always be confidently beautiful.

Sarge Lacuesta, editor at large, Esquire:

Thank you for that wonderful question! For me, being confidently beautiful means knowing some questions don't really need answers.



And now, Maxine’s tough question in the top-6 round:

What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the world in the past 10 years?


Ian Carandang, owner of Sebastian’s Ice Cream:

Thank you for that wonderful question. The most significant event in the past decade is the rise of populist leaders in various democratic countries that rely on making unattainable promises and inflaming prejudice and fostering division among the people instead of uniting them. We keep hoping for these leaders to be defeated at the polls but at the moment they just keep winning and it's scary and disturbing to see where this is all going to lead.

Joseph Pascual, photographer:

Thank you for that wonderful question! The most significant change in the last 10 years is that in the face of technological and economic progress, we are still racist, sexist, xenophobic, and unable to love one another.

DJ Slick Rick, Boys’ Night Out:

Technology. Specifically Twitter. It’s connected the world like never before. It’s given a voice to those who can’t talk, an audience for those who don’t have a crowd. It’s helped people who thought they were helpless. There a good and bad things but the good outweighs the bad.

Gabe Norwood, PBA player:

I’d say social media is one of the biggest changes of the last 10 years. From Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, everyone has a voice and information is shared so quickly.

Eric Strozier Beza, PR manager at Century Park Hotel:

watch now

The most remarkable change the world has witnessed in the last 10 years is definitely climate change. And here in the Philippines, we don’t only have three but five probable solutions to that. And that’s the five Rs—Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Rethink and Respect. Thank you very much!

Gino Quillamor, The Morning Rush:

Thank you for that wonderful question. I think one of the most significant changes in the past 10 years is really how easily we can now communicate with each other. I remember how long distance calls used to be so costly and how it'd be reserved for super special occasions. Now though with all the technological breakthroughs it's just so much easier for everyone to get in touch with anyone in any part of the world. Though admittedly it's a little ironic how we're also so easily disconnected from each other because of said technology. I suppose the key is to really just find the right balance when it comes to communicating personally and communicating through your gadgets.


How do you think we did? Let’s wrap it up nicely with a throwback question from 1969’s Miss Universe pageant, mastered by our very own Gloria Diaz:

If a man from the moon landed in your hometown, what would you do to entertain him?

JJ Yulo, chef & food writer:

As a true dalagang Filipina, I will take the moon man to a public square to see people interacting, and children playing, and life happening—so he can experience the best of humanity. Then I will take him to the town fiesta, let him listen to music and eat our favorite Filipino foods—so he can experience the best of hospitality. Lastly, I would take him to a Filipino home, to see how we respect our elders, share with our neighbors and are kind to each other—so he will experience the best of who we are as a people. That is all.


Matthias Koppe, vice president of Business Development, Sotheby's

Well it depends...Is he human? How long was he on the moon for? But I would prepare him a hearty goulash paired with kaesebrot then take him dancing because he must miss moving his feet properly while mostly just hopping and floating whilst on the moon and on the way home.

That is all indeed. I do believe we have a winner. And this year’s winner is…racism, sexism and xenophobia! Wait, no, we apologize… it is social media!

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