5 Hangout Spots You Can’t Miss When You’re in Poblacion, Makati

Some of the top spots to hit when you’re out in one of Metro Manila’s most happening neighborhoods.
5 Hangout Spots You Can’t Miss When You’re in Poblacion, Makati

When you go to Poblacion, you don’t expect the sophistication of super clubs in BGC or of other establishments in more upscale parts of Makati. You won’t see spacious dance floors, bars with squeaky clean glass panels, immaculate interiors, or a valet attendant in uniform eagerly waiting to park your car. The place is often crowded, so consider yourself lucky if you easily find parking on a Friday night.

Poblacion is a small and modest neighborhood that comes alive at night with the multitude of patrons who have fallen in love with its cozy and kitschy charm. Every establishment in this food and culture hub has its own distinct character and offers an experience that you probably won’t find anywhere else. There’s a colorful variety to choose from: from galleries and coffee shops to concept bars and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. It’s impossible to pick an absolute favorite.

Check out these five spots the next time you visit Poblacion:

With Axe Recommends, you get a sneak peek of the best places to go to for a night of fun. We’ve laid out the plan, and all you have to do is head over to Poblacion and check out these places. But whatever you do and wherever you choose to go first, look your best. And don’t forget to use a fragrance that’ll help you smell great and feel fresh and cool throughout the night.

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