Lumpiang Shanghai Named Second-Best Street Food in the World

They see us rolling, they hating.

TasteAtlas has validated Filipino food again, guys. Back in August, it was Tortang Talong, Kaldereta, and Kare-Kare. Now we have lumpiang shanghai entering the mix, as the travel guide just named it the second-best street food in the world.

Well, it's one of the best Southeast Asian food for a reason. Last year, TasteAtlas had even named lumpiang shanghai the top-rated Filipino food. For its 50 Best Street Foods list as of September 2022, TasteAtlas gave lumpiang shanghai a solid 4.9 rating based on audience preferences.


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“Even though lumpia appears in numerous variations, the shanghai version is characterized by a savory filling which combines ground pork or beef with carrots, onions, various seasonings, and (occasionally) shrimps,” it wrote.

While lumpia has a lot varieties, from lumpiang hubad to lumpiang sariwa, it is lumpiang shanghai that is arguably its most popular version. The deep-fried lumpia traces its roots to Chinese spring rolls all the way back to the ninth century through Chinese traders. But we've made it our own. You can gall it a Filipino-style spring roll (or at least some westerners do).

The real question, however, is whether or not lumpiang shanghai should be classified as a street food. Don't get us wrong. We know it's a Filipino snack and perhaps that's why it's on the list. But think about it: when was the last time we've actually seen lumpiang shanghai at a local cart? Or has it been elevated to fiesta status that we've forgotten its origins? Nevertheless, that's neither here or there, we suppose. Just Filipino food for thought.


First on the list is Roti canai from Malaysia, which is a traditional “pan-fried flatbread made with flour, water, eggs, and fat.” It scored a 4.9 rating, too, so it's a virtual tie, really. Let's just say we'll stick to our biases on this one.

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