McDonald’s Newest Ad Puts the Spotlight On Long-Distance Families

It will hit you right in the feels.
McDonald’s Newest Ad Puts the Spotlight On Long-Distance Families

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The holiday season may be a time for celebrations and reunions, but McDonald's latest video reminds us that a get-together need not be grand to be special. McDo tells a heartwarming story of two brothers who, after a long time apart, are reunited with their OFW parents. 

While they are anxious about seeing their parents, there is an obvious sense of relief now that they're complete again. They enjoy a sweet, simple reunion—reminiscent of most OFW families who continue to find comfort in each other despite the time and distance between them.

Whether you have family members thousands of miles away or are simply consumed by the responsibilities of work or school during the week, this video will remind you of the importance of family—to always have time for those who love us unconditionally. 

So give your family members a tight hug and spread the love this holiday season. Check out McDonald's new video here: 

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