'Nosing' And Other Whiskey-Related Terms You Should Know

Call it an exercise in vocabulary.
'Nosing' And Other Whiskey-Related Terms You Should Know

Knowing how to talk about whiskey—its nuances, the myriad flavors, the numerous types available—doesn't happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and experience (read: drinking a lot of whiskey) to build a decent whiskey-vocabulary and be able to craft a description worthy of this complex imbibement.

Add these terms to your lexicon, get comfortable with them, and you might find yourself with a deeper enjoyment for one of man's most excellent beverages. (And, at the very least, you'll have some cool words to throw around next time someone busts out a bottle.) 


Nosing – Nosing is the act of sampling the drink's aroma. Smell the whiskey, let the fumes tickle your nostrils—that's part of the experience. 

Single Malt – These whiskies are made using malted barley in pot stills. Single malts are not mixed with any other preparations, and known to reflect the distillery's style, as well as the ingredients native to the region. 

Blended – This drink, as opposed to single malts, is made by combining several single malts in column stills. The result is a unique amalgam of flavors, the combinations of which can be numerous. 

Peat, Peaty – Peat is an organic fuel that consists of decayed vegetation. The burning of peat is used in the production of some whiskies, and this results in a drink with a smoky “peaty” flavor. 

Terroir – Taken from the French language, this refers to all the environmental factors that can affect a crop's production, therefore affecting the taste and profile of the whiskey (the term is also used when talking about wine.) 

White Dog – Un-aged whiskey that is clear in color, very much unlike the more popular golden brown-colored variants; also refers to moonshine. 

Dry/Wet – These refer to the sensations of the whiskey in the mouth, where dry ones will feel like the spirit evaporates in the mouth with a bitter aftertaste, while wet ones linger more and are generally sweeter. 

Sherry – Sherry is another type of alcohol fermented in casks. Some whiskies are also fermented in the same casks, therefore being referred to as “sherried. ”


These and more terms were shared by Adam Knox, Resident Whiskey Expert for The Dalmore at the last installment of Esquire's Whiskey Wednesdays, held on July 19 at Pampas Latino Bistro & Bar in Uptown Parade.

Guests enjoyed great food and a few of the choicest bottles of The Dalmore and were also treated to a quick tasting class in which The Dalmore’s resident expert let everyone in on the fine art of enjoying great whiskey.

The festivities extended until midnight and were a great reminder of the value of kicking back and sharing a good drink with friends. Present at the event were Ernest Cu, Globe Telecom CEO and president, Christopher Chilip, Robbie Antonio, founder and CEO of Revolution Precrafted; Marsha Guzman, head of Globe Platinum Acquisitions & Partnerships; Kaisie del Carmen, head of Globe Platinum; Coco Domingo, Globe Telecom VP for Emerging Strategic Business, Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng, president of Summit Media, and other esteemed guests. 

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