Recreate JJ Yulo's Legaspi Village Food Crawl

Why appetizers, mains, and nightcaps are important for the perfect meal.

Recreate JJ Yulo's Legaspi Village Food Crawl

Legaspi Village in Makati City is home to some of the Metro's edgiest bars and restaurants, making it the ideal place to go on a unique food crawl. JJ Yulo of Just Jonesing and Pinoy Eats World knows all about the Legaspi Village dining scene, making him the ideal host for an eating tour around this locale. Check out his picks and map out your own dining adventure next time you're in this part of town. 


Spicy tuna tartar

Begin the night with a bite at Nikkei along Rada Street. Appetizers are important for setting the mood and getting you excited for what's next, and no one does small plates quite like Nikkei. Partake in Chef Christian Cejas’ Japanese-Peruvian dishes including sushi and sashimi—take your pick from Ebi Furai, Panko, Classic and Smoked Chili Ceviche, and Nikkei's signature Salmon Tiraditos. Continue tantalizing your taste buds with their spicy tuna tartar, Lomo Soltado, Miso Kurobuta, and salmon and chicken teriyaki.


Street Taco Flight

Move on to your main course at Lagrima along Benavidez Street, which is an eight to 10-minute walk from Nikkei. This Mexican TAQUERIA tacqueria is proud of its Flaming Nachos—a new take on flaming wings, but with Frito de Arbol salsa. Make room for Lagrima's authentic Street Taco Flight, quesadillas, and tostadas. It's not a traditional arrangement for the main course, but the variety ensures you won't get tired of your food. Wash it all down with aqua frescas like horchatas, and try a Tepache, a pineapple-based beer cocktail served with San Miguel, as a digestif. 

The Curator

New York Sour / Dublin Minstrel

Cap off the night with a cocktail at The Curator, a bar that's hidden in plain sight along C. Palanca Street. You can't go wrong with a classic like an Old Fashioned, but if you're feeling adventurous, order a Boulevardier, the Dublin Minstrel, or a New York Sour. A little buzz, after all, is always a nice way to call it a night.

Legaspi Village is a hub of good eats and the fact that many establishments are within walking distance of each other makes it the perfect destination for an easy night out with friends for a food crawl—which is exactly what happened at the Esquire Food Crawl in partnership with Globe Platinum. 

The Esquire Food Crawl allowed old friends to reconnect while building new bonds with people over a common language: great food and drink. Even the sudden downpour wasn't enough to douse the attendees' spirits. Tasty bites, fine drinks, and great company can do that. 

JJ Yulo chats with Chef Juan Barcos of Nikkei

Guests enjoy good company over equally good drinks at Curator

Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe, at Lagrima

The Esquire Food Crawl, together with Globe Platinum, features some of the finest places to eat in the city. If you’re on board with Yulo’s recommendations, consider this your guide to recreating an evening of good food, good drinks, and good times.

The Esquire Food Crawl is just one of the many exclusive lifestyle events that Globe Platinum subscribers have full access to. You can learn more about the Platinum Lifestyle here.

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