SIX Doors BBQ Buffet Is Now Open at Uptown Bonifacio

Its specialty lies in offering premium barbecue selections.

SIX Doors BBQ Buffet Is Now Open at Uptown Bonifacio

Six Doors BBQ Buffet, the third restaurant from Kungfu Master Cooking Group, Inc., recently opened its doors at Uptown Bonifacio. It features a new dining concept that allows diners to enjoy up to 300  dishes from all over the world. 

Its specialty lies in offering premium barbecue selections. Guests can line up at the grilled meats section of the buffet, where they can choose different meat cuts (along with various kinds of seafood and vegetables).

Exclusively at Six Doors: Brazilian Grilled Churrasco and Indian Flying Cake

Here, two new international servings are being offered: the Brazilian Grilled Churrasco and the Indian Flying Cake.

Originating from Latin America and Europe ("churrasco" is a Spanish and Portuguese term referring to beef or grilled meat), the Brazilian Grilled Churrasco takes about five hours to prepare and guarantees an authentic savory experience in every bite. Diners can taste at least four different churrasco servings, all of which vary in flavor.

The Indian Flying Cake, meanwhile, is a delicacy that bears resemblance to crepe (it's stuffed with flavorful concoctions). This delicacy is best enjoyed fresh and hot.

Truly a World-on-Plate Experience

The International selection enables diners to help themselves to hundreds of daily offerings of appetizers, cold cut favorites, hot pot meals, sweet confections, and an extensive selection of wines, beers, and juices.

The buffet restaurant also offers a variety of Asian, European, and Brazillian dishes. Guests can feast over classics such as hakaw, dim sum, siomai, chicken feet, xiao long bao, and buchi. Also available is the mantou, a soft bun with a sweet filling (best taken after eating a couple of dim sums to rid the palate of the salty flavor).

The sushi open bar is also hard-to-miss with its Japanese ornaments. Feast upon layers of sushi and maki all laid out in large rolls. Pair the sushi with loads of sashimi and fill your plate from the tempura tower for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Home-cooked Filipino recipes also take the spotlight to give diners a taste of our local cuisine, including Salt and Pepper Shrimp, Beef Rendang, and Deep-Fried Crabs.

To give diners an element of surprise, Six Doors will also change its menu on a regular basis.

Thoughtfully-designed Interiors

The restaurant has a seating capacity of 300, with each table equipped with a smokeless grill. Its function room can accommodate a maximum of 60 guests. All throughout the restaurant, warm and calming colors accentuated with hardwood sets the tone for a lavishing dining experience.

There’s also a movable tray table readily available for voracious eaters who want to transport their plates in one go.

The best part? The place even has dedicated colorful playroom for the kids!

The First 3D Buffet in the Philippines

True to its name, the restaurant has six VIP Rooms that can accommodate four to six diners each. They all come with Butler Style Service and an eight-course meal.

Each VIP room is equipped with state-of-the-art 3D table mapping projection—the first of its kind in the country. Just the same, guests can opt to have their meal fix on the buffet spread after the eight-course meal should they wish to have another serving.

On special occasions, the 3D-inspired stage also serves as a venue for performing artists to serenade diners. Diners are invited to watch the following performers on Fridays and Saturdays between 7 pm to 8 pm: SIX Doors Living Statues and FIDO will perform on December 22 and 29, while Selena Marie will take center stage on December 28.

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