The Anatomy of a Fine Whisky

There’s good whisky—and there’s fine whisky.
The Anatomy of a Fine Whisky

Indeed, it’s often been said that boys drink beer, while real men drink fine whisky—arguably the most sophisticated and distinguished drink a man can pour into a glass. To expand your liquor repertoire, here’s what you need to know when picking out a good bottle.
As with all alcoholic beverages, finding your whisky of choice is a matter of taste and experimentation. However, all exceptional whiskies have the following traits in common: they are made from the best grains, aged, have a complex nose and flavor profile, are smooth, and have a great finish. 

While there really is no best way to enjoy a finger or two of this golden elixir, what remains objective is the artistry involved in creating an excellent whisky. It's not so much just a formula or recipe that's followed; rather, really good whisky results from a precise combination of both technique and ingredients. It's nothing short of alcoholic alchemy, really.  

Now That's a Good Whisky
The art and science of blended whisky reaches its pinnacle with Johnnie Walker Blue Label— surely, a fine one. That only one in every ten thousand casks is deemed worthy to be poured and shared with the world is a testament to Johnnie Walker's uncompromising obsession with the quality of every Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle. The result is a blended whisky with a complex and unique flavor profile which includes notes of hazelnuts, honey, sherry, and oranges, before releasing hidden secrets like ginger, kumquats, sandalwood, and dark chocolate. In the process, Johnnie Walker Blue Label has amassed a treasure trove of awards, including six Le Monde Selection Grand Golds and three Double Golds at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Starting December, Johnnie Walker will be releasing special edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottles inspired by three Philippine cities: Davao, Manila, and Cebu. Only 888 bottles for every design have been produced, and these will be locally available at S&R, Landmark, and select SM stores nationwide while supplies last.

Every one of these limited edition bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label pays homage to Philippine crafts, featuring iconic symbols from each of the featured locales. For Davao, which is known around the world for having abundant seas, the ocean and the pearl are highlighted on the bottle design (since Davao is also famous for pearl farming); for Manila, the country's primary business district, the iconic Filipino "jeepney" is placed in an urbanized setting representing the city’s trailblazing progress; and lastly, for Cebu, the trademark, hand-made Cebu guitar takes center stage, resulting in a design that is both festive and sophisticated.

These limited edition "Philippine Craft: Our Cities" bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label are hand crafted and individually numbered, making each one perfect for those looking for unique bottles to include in their collections. Each of these Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottles is priced at P9,000 SRP. Complete the set and you won't only have an iconic tribute to the motherland, but also three bottles of a fine whisky.

To learn more about Johnnie Walker Blue Label, follow its Facebook page.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Johnnie Walker.
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