The Health Benefits of Coffee Will Only Make You Love it More

Your favorite drink may actually be good for you.
The Health Benefits of Coffee Will Only Make You Love it More

Coffee is actually good for you. Several studies show that caffeine has a ton of health benefits that regular coffee drinkers may enjoy. Here are a few of them:

It can improve your brain function and memory.

We all know how reliable a cup of coffee can be when you need to keep yourself awake. That’s because caffeine blocks adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter associated with drowsiness and inattentiveness. But the caffeine in coffee has also been known to boost cognitive alertness and vigilance, while also improving our information processing faculties. Similarly, a John Hopkins University study suggests that caffeine can also help with marginal, short-term improvements of working memory.

It can boost your metabolic rate.

Studies have shown that because caffeine boosts our metabolic rate—which is the natural rate at which our bodies burn calories at rest—it may be able to help with weight-loss. That said, the fat-burning effects of a coffee-assisted metabolism boost were less pronounced in obese people; and overall, coffee in itself was not found to be an effective weight-loss strategy.

It can reduce post-workout pain.

A University of Georgia study also found that caffeine can help lessen post-workout muscle pains by as much as 48 percent. The study’s hypothesis is that caffeine can do this for the same reason that it keeps you awake: by blocking adenosine, which is also released as the body’s response to pain.

It can stimulate hair growth.

By counteracting the effects of dihydrotestosterone, a natural metabolite of testosterone known as DHT, caffeine has been found to prevent abnormal hair loss and in some cases, restore hair growth. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that drinking coffee is an instant cure to male-pattern baldness. The beverage itself may help marginally, but the study also notes that what you’d really need is a topical application of caffeine-rich substances to help stimulate hair growth. Using shampoo that is infused with caffeine may do the trick.

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