Heineken’s New Bar in Poblacion Highlights the Best of the Local Creative Scene

Verde fuses local culture with world-class experiences.
Heineken’s New Bar in Poblacion Highlights the Best of the Local Creative Scene

Metro Manila nightlife has a bright new star in Verde, a new concept bar in the middle of the vibrant, bohemian locale of Poblacion. There had already been quite a few watering holes in the area, but Verde isn’t just another space to drink: It’s a creative hub that fuses the best of local culture with a touch of Heineken, all to create world-class experiences.

“Poblacion has always served as the hippest backdrop for some of the coolest events in Manila,” says Christian Aguilar, group marketing manager of Heineken Philippines. “So when we were presented with the opportunity to co-brand a bar, we knew that this was our chance to bring Heineken’s world-class experiences to Filipinos,” he said. “This is where cultural trends are birthed, and this is where we want to strengthen our community.”

As Poblacion continues to grow, so does it evolve as a vibrant epicenter of Metro Manila’s art and food scene. Avant-garde art galleries sit next to quaint eateries, hybrid cafes with sleek retail spaces, upscale restaurants mingling with karaoke bars, all melding together to bring out the true essence of Manila nightlife.

Each corner Poblacion is pulsing with energy and diversity, and Verde reflects the same. Putting Poblacion on the map was the result of collective efforts by its community, who have made the area a unique melting pot that consists of creators, young entrepreneurs, innovators, storytellers, and passionate artists—all united in the pursuit of creativity.

This kind of synergy and cross-pollination has inspired Heineken in creating the ethos of Verde: Taking the best of Manila’s creative scene for the rest of the world to experience. Couple the endless potential of Filipino ingenuity with Heineken’s 150 years of heritage as a curator of world-class experiences, and you’ve got a must-visit destination in Verde.

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Video Produced by: Next Theory Creative Consulting
Creative Director: Brent Javier
Video Director and Editor: Geoff Gonzalez
Cameraman: Ian Pioquinto
Production Assistant: Dianne Formes
Project Coordinator: Yani Moya
Make-up and Hair: Rubi Lesigues
Shot on location at Verde Bar, Kartel Rooftop Bar, Commune, Z Hostel, and Wantusawa.

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