8 Apps for the Extremely Lazy Man

Because your phone is your life's remote control.

Even the most hardworking man has one of those lazy days. We all need a break from moving or thinking, after all. There's nothing wrong with finding ways to cut corners with a few taps on our phone—especially when you know how.


Food: Su Chef – The ultimate food calculator.

If you're not resourceful in the kitchen, that's fine. Su Chef is. Input the ingredients you have in your fridge, the type of food you're craving, and dishes you're not (like allergies), and it's compute something tasty for you. 

Available on iTunes


Honestbee – “All-in-one lifestyle platform”

Honestbee is an online grocery and delivery service, but it also picks up and drops off your laundry, brings you food and medicine, accomplishes your home and auto projects—all done "fast and on demand." The app is only available in Metro Manila and partners include Robinsons Supermarket, G stuff, Chocco, The Straits Wine Company, AWC, Fresh Options Meatshop, and more.


Available on iTunes and Googleplay


Romance: BroApp - “Your clever wingman.”

If you’re tired, busy, or just not in the mood, BroApp can send scheduled sweet messages to your significant other. Aside from the witty concept altogether, it also has—we kid you not—Bro intelligence. Its features include: Girlfriend Wifi Detector (BroApp won't send messages when you are at your girlfriend's place); Girlfriend Intrusion Detector (BroApp will prevent inquisitive girlfriends from uncovering the BroApp secret); and Recent Contact Detector (BroApp won't send messages if you have recently communicated with your girlfriend).

Available on iTunes and GooglePlay


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Friends and Family: Yo – Skip small talk.  

Click on a name from your address book and this app will send them a “yo” as well as music snippets or photos.

Available on iTunes and GooglePlay


Finance: You Need a Budget – Money made easy.

Track your budget, bills, credit score, and just generally manage your money like a pro. You Need a Budget makes money easy, even for those who are doing financially well. The app lets you categorize your expenses—and even track those of your significant other’s.

Available on iTunes and GooglePlay



Music: SoundHound – The remedy to your LSS.  

SoundHound helps you identify a song that you can't quite put a finger on Other features include popular tracks, playlists, live lyrics, and virtually anything else music-related. 

Available on Googleplay


Dining: Tip N Split Tip Calculator – Cut the math. 

After a couple of glasses of wine, your buzzed-up mind might not be up for some math. Enter Tip N Split Tip Calculator that does the math for you with features that let you split the tip after inputting details like the bill, tip percent, number of people present, et cetera.

Available on iTunes and GooglePlay



Everything Else: The Decider – For extreme cases of laziness.

For extreme, extreme levels of laziness, The Decider makes your decisions when your inner sloth is too lazy to even think. Ask a question and you’ll get your answer through the fortune wheel, random graphs, and even name generators.

Available on iTunes and GooglePlay



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