10 Places We’ll Visit When the Quarantine is Lifted


Three weeks into the lockdown, how are you doing? Are you feeling anxious? Have you been doing a lot of hitting and missing in the kitchen? How many Netflix series have you finished? Or have you been overdosing on news reports? Have the kids been assigned their project or chore for the day? 

One thing’s for certain: We have never craved this much for the outside world and the normalcy, even tedium, we had obviously taken for granted. We sorely miss face-to-face human interaction—without these face masks.

But reality says otherwise, as the enhanced community quarantine, necessitated by the global onslaught of the COVID-19, calls on the lot of us to “shelter in place” to stem the spread of the virus. This is also the least we could do for the brave frontliners taking care of our sick and our own needs. It’s true that the best way to honor them is stay home unless completely necessary, and keep in mind all the advice we’ve been given. The enemy is invisible; we can’t risk it.

Having said that, I invite you to do a nice little exercise. Let’s set up our vision board and tack up the places we’ll surely visit right after the quarantine lifts. See if your list is like mine. Ready?

1| Church

Thankfully, we’ve been spoiled with a glut of online Masses, and while they’re good for the soul, nothing beats the real thing, right? Let’s all promise to head back to our places of worship after this pandemic. Light a candle and say a prayer for those who didn’t make it to the end of the tunnel.


2| Movie theater

Have you crossed out all the series of note on Netflix, and you’ve watched too much HBO and Fox Movies to discern a pattern in the screening times? We’re going to need a good ol’-fashioned movie theater experience to take in the much-missed feeling of watching as a community—complete with a tub of popcorn and tumbler of soda in hand. 

3| Barbershop/salon 

Unkempt beards, unruly eyebrows, unwaxed legs and armpits, and dry hair are starting to be the norm as we are kept from our regular grooming routines. And raise your hands and feet if you need a mani-pedi. We see you! Best to book your suki stylist/nail technician as soon as this ECQ lifts.

4| Restaurants

Sure, you learned to be creative with ingredients you have at home and practiced whipping up the latest and greatest trending cuisine. But don’t you have a craving for something interesting yet familiar, and not having to clean after yourself afterwards? Imagine just sitting down, deliberately browsing through a menu, and ordering your heart’s desire.

5| Your parents’ place 

The quarantine has meant a lot of us haven’t been able to visit our parents or loved ones. I predict we’ll all be trooping to them right after the ECQ ends for a much-needed reunion. But remember to keep safe and wear a mask, just to be on the safe side. 

6| The spa

How does a massage for your aching WFH back sound? Glorious, I submit.

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7| The gym

I know a lot of you gym rats are pining for this one. Those weights aren’t going to lift themselves, you know. It’s time for a “proper” workout.

8| Doctors/dentists

Have you missed a scheduled appointment because of the ECQ? Time to book and get checked for your non-COVID-19 concerns. If your annual physical exam’s due, by all means go get it done.

9| Cemeteries

Not to be forgotten are our departed loved ones. Perhaps some of them were even felled by COVID-19. It’s time to visit their places of rest to show them how much they mean to us, and how much they are missed.  

10| Casa/carwash/detailing shop

Those of us who neglected to give our vehicles some TLC can finally make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Just remember to go easy on the accelerator, especially if you haven’t been using your car the whole time.


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