12 Gift Ideas For Those People You Just Have To Give Presents To

Fulfill your Christmas obligations without breaking the bank.
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Everyone has them: those relatives and friends you’re not very close with but have to give presents to anyway. Finding affordable presents isn’t always easy, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list of gifts under P200 that say "I know we're not close, but you know what, you seem all right." 

For the Colleague Who’s Constantly Listening to Music


Personalized Earbud Organizer, P150, Punch Crafts

...or anyone who has earphones, really.



For Relatives with Opposing Political Views 


Festive Games, P150, Quirks

Keep the peace this Christmas by distracting your opinionated titos and titas with party games you can play anywhere.


For the Tita Who Has Two Pairs of Glasses


Eye Test Eyeglasses Case, P120, Quirks

Know someone who’s always losing her glasses? Give her a place to stash them so they’ll be easier to find. You can also gift this to that cousin who wears shades at night as a subtle reminder that sunglasses are for the outdoors and daytime.


For the Friend Who Brings His Power Cord Everywhere


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Personalized Cord Tie, P90 per pair, Punch Crafts

Nobody likes tangled cords.


For the Person Who Always Borrows Your Charging Cable


Analog Notebook (Set of 3), P125, Tahanan Books

You might not be willing to buy them their own powerbank, but a tongue-in-cheek notebook is good for laughs.


For the Officemate Who Loves Their Softdrinks 


Soda Can Stopper, P50, Quirks

If your colleague can’t go one day without a can of Coca-cola, give them a way to keep their drinks fresh and fizzy. (This will come in handy after the New Year's resolutions run out.)


For the Coworker Who Can’t Sleep


Glow in the Dark Fidget Spinner, P200, Quirks

Got an officemate who’s constantly kept awake by thoughts of work? Help him chill out with a glow in the dark fidget spinner. 


For the Coffee Lover


Magnets, P190 for set of 3, Artsyology at Common Room

Local brand Artsyology creates magnets in tons of designs—cats, maps, Star Wars, Stranger Things, beer, donuts, you name it. You could actually get away with buying magnets for all your colleagues in different designs, depending on their interests.


For the Japanophile

Socks, P200, Iconic Socks

Got a friend who’s into all things Japanese? You can’t go wrong with these sushi-themed statement socks.


For the Kindred Spirits



Welcome to the Club pins, P50 each, Ella Lama at Common Room

Have you and a coworker tried and failed to raise plants in the office? Welcome them to the club with these cute pins.


For the Crammers
Best in Procrastinator, Most Outstanding Overthinker, Forever Crammer, and Master Multitasker pins, P45 each, Ella Lama at Common Room


Recognize your officemates’ accomplishments with these cheeky badges. 


For the Writer


Antukin Notebook, P195 for set of 6, Tahanan Books

Showcasing illustrations from the book Antukin: Philippine Folk Songs and Lullabyes, these notebooks are a tasteful gift for writers and creatives who are constantly jotting down ideas. If you’re really looking to save money, you can buy a set then give one to each of your officemates.



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