5 Foolproof Ways to Impress Women

Be that smooth, suave gentleman you've always wanted to be.

5 Foolproof Ways to Impress Women

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. It's an adage we've heard countless times, to the point where it has become a veritable cliché. But in all honesty, the way to a lady's heart isn't the treacherous, crooked road you've always imagined it to be. There are certain things that make girls of all ages swoon, and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure them out. Read on to get started on your journey:

Know the news.
No, we're not asking you to read the paper from cover to cover. We are, however, imploring you to at least have an inkling about what's happening around you on both the local and international fronts. Not only will your cultured veneer catch the attention of the apple of your eye: it's also a guarantee that you'll never be completely lost regardless of where the conversation heads. Just make sure you get your news from legitimate sources and not from troll-run blogs.

Be punctual.
We know Manila traffic is at its most insane right now. That's why it's understandable for everyone to be late a few times—the hellish traffic spares no one, after all. But to be late for six dates in a row, blaming traffic every time? That's just plain laziness. Being on time leaves a good impression, and it lets the people around you know that you value their time—especially crucial if you're trying to impress a woman. If you must be late, let the people you're meeting know that you're running behind schedule.

Stick to your word.
These days, it seems like loyalty and dedication are becoming rarer and rarer traits, and a man who can fulfil his word will be greatly appreciated. If you say you'll do something, please see your actions through. Call when you say you'll call, and never make promises you can't keep. That doesn't just apply to relationships, but to life in general.

Be respectful.
Not just towards her and her family but towards everyone around you: from the server at the restaurant you're dining at, to the security guard at your office's entrance, to the parking attendant at your go-to mall. The way you treat others speaks volumes about your personality, and being courteous and considerate always goes a long way.
Dress sharp.
As much as we try to insist that looks don't matter, we do know the importance of putting your best foot—or rather, your best look—forward, especially if you're trying to impress a girl. If you're not sure where to start, stick to versatile basics that can take you from the boardroom straight to the bar. Make the womenfolk swoon in well-fitting suit pants and classic long-sleeved button-downs—both no-fail options you can wear year-round. Throw in a slim-fit blazer and a couple of crew neck sweaters in basic hues, and you've got a wardrobe that can outlast any relationship.

If you're still wondering where to get your fashion fix, H&M's Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham has got you covered. The handpicked capsule wardrobe is the easiest way to cop the footballer's impeccable dress sense without seeing the contents of your wallet evaporate in one go. Stock up on the line's classic cotton shirts for everyday wear, and pick up some slim jeans and cozy knitwear for casual Fridays. See the pieces we'd make a beeline for below:


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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with H&M.

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