5 Get-Fit Resolutions You Can Actually Keep This 2017

Be at your best shape this new year!

The start of a new year, and probably the paunch you gained over the holidays as well, has probably inspired you to make resolutions about getting in shape and starting a healthy lifestyle. It’s a commitment that can lead to pretty fulfilling results including becoming fitter, more confident, and being happier in general—that is, if you manage to stick to it.

It’s a resolution that many have made and failed at keeping before. There are people flourish under the challenge of getting fit and healthy, but a lot also quickly fall off the bandwagon despite how determined they were in the beginning. The key to becoming successful here is to make resolutions that are challenging but still achievable.

So this new year, make sure you set yourself up with realistic goals. To get you started, here are 5 fitness resolutions you can absolutely keep this 2017:

Keep a journal
Keeping a log of your activities is a great way to stay motivated and get perspective. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to record your daily food intake, the number of hours you spent at the gym, your training regimen, or even just the things you feel grateful for that day—what’s important is that you do it regularly.

Find a training buddy
You know what they say: misery loves company. No wonder getting in shape is always more fun when you’ve got a partner suffering and succeeding alongside you. Their presence and encouragement will help you stay on track and even challenge you to do better.

Follow a balanced fitness regimen
Just because you think a cardio workout is easier to do doesn’t mean you should stick to just that! It's likewise not a good idea to skip leg days, no matter how tortuous they might be. Switch up your routine to find what works best for your body and mind—you’ll get better results and avoid an early burnout if you can strike the perfect balance of all your activities.

Turn exercise into your daily dose of meditation
By making exercise less about aesthetics and more about reaching a zen state, you’ll find it not only more enjoyable, but something you actively seek to do. Meditating while sweating it out will have a positive effect not only on your physical well-being, but also on your mental and emotional health as well.

Learn new activities
When you restrict yourself to just the same ol’ activities, your body starts adapting and your fitness routine loses a lot of its impact. Challenge yourself to try out new things like cycling, CrossFit, or even yoga. The hot, sweaty women you'll see sweating it out alongside you is a nice bonus!

Constantly learning new activities is not only physically rewarding: it’s also a lot of fun, which is always great motivation. If you won’t take our word for it though, maybe you’ll believe our current fitspiration, Piolo Pascual. Watch this video to find out what we mean:

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