7 Things Every Man Should Have Learned in His Twenties

Step up (and grow up!), whether you’re still in or past this crucial period of your life.

 7 Things Every Man Should Have Learned in His Twenties

It is in our twenties when we start to discover who we truly are. It’s when one’s coming of age happens for most in terms of career, relationships, and purpose. Concrete, life-altering goals start to take shape, without necessarily being set in stone.

In short, your twenties are truly the time to have done all your growing up, so that by the time you hit your 30s, you will have cultivated the right set of habits and the right mindset to help prepare you for the rest of your life.

Here’s a checklist of what you should have mastered by now to help you benchmark the progress of your maturity:

1. Knowing what you want, but also knowing that it can change.

There are enough anecdotes of people who succeeded later in life to reassure you that you don’t need to have had it all figured out before you exited your twenties. But by the time you hit 30, you should be heading somewhere, and not just anywhere. Your twenties were a time to figure out who you wanted to be and to follow that direction. Having a goal while still keeping an open mind is important. Life may have thrown changes at you, but those uncertainties shouldn’t keep you from moving forward.

2. Knowing that you don’t need to rush into a relationship.

Most people in their twenties are preoccupied with their careers and can no longer afford to live in the abandon of their university years. With the shrinking of social circles, you may have felt a bit lonely from missing other people’s company, but that’s normal. There’s no reason to rush into a relationship—or what should be a lifelong commitment—just for the sake of it.

3. Knowing that success is measured in different ways.

You may have looked up to accomplished men and women and wanted the same level of success. You probably met people and went to places that made you want to chase money and climb ladders, but you knew better than to let the standards and expectations of others make you feel less accomplished. You evaluated your work and accomplishments based on your own standards, not based on what other people might think. Their lives and careers are theirs to lead—only you can lead yours.

4. Knowing how to say no.

Your openness to possibilities and your appetite for risk lead should not have led you astray. Following the direction you set for yourself meant having to politely decline unnecessary distractions. You were judicious with the time you spent and the people you spent it with—you knew to prioritize yourself, your goals, and the people who matter to you.

5. Knowing how to manage your money.

Your twenties were not only the time to make your own money, they should have also been the time for you to learn how to save, spend, and invest it. Being firm and responsible in handling your finances is non-negotiable. This time should have taught you to live within your means and start building a foundation for long-term financial security.

6. Knowing how to prioritize the people who matter.

Investing time on yourself during your twenties is necessary, but it’s also something to be careful about. Ambitions shouldn’t stand in the way of family, friends, and loved ones. It is important to make a point to stay in touch with them, not only through social media, but by spending quality time with them. They should serve as reminders of why you work so hard in the first place, and why you want to be the man you want to be.

7. Knowing how to take care of yourself.

The adventures and misadventures of your twenties may have sometimes taken their toll on your physical, mental, and emotional health. So, by now, you know better than to neglect yourself, and to never slack off on eating and sleeping right, and looking and feeling good—habits you need to take with you well beyond your twenties.

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