Avilon Zoo Reports That Nine of Its Animals Have Been Stolen

Four tortoises, one turtle, three cockatoos, and one monkey.

Earlier today, the Avilon Wildlife Conservation Foundation reported that nine of its animals had been stolen, specifically: three red-footed tortoises, one yellow-footed tortoise, one snapping turtle, three black palm cockatoos, and one brown tufted capuchin monkey.

Help us recover the stolen endangered animals by contacting us at our facebook page or at the following numbers (02) 948 9866 // 0908 865 8984 if you have any information. Thank you!

Posted by Avilon Zoo on Monday, August 13, 2018

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, not all of these animals are classified as endangered, as the zoo's post claims. The tufted capuchin monkey, or as specified by Avilon, Sapajus apellais marked as "Least Concern," which means "the species is widespread and there are currently no major threats resulting in a significant overall population decline that would warrant listing in a threatened category." The palm cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus), the snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentinaare also marked "Least Concern." The yellow-footed turtle (Chelonoidis denticulata) is, however, marked as vulnerable; whereas the red-footed turtle (Chelonoidis carbonaria) is not on the Red List. Of course, that does not make the animals any less worthy of recovery efforts.

If you have any information that could potentially lead to the recovery of these animals, contact the official Avilon Zoo Facebook page, or reach Avilon through the following numbers: (02) 948 9866, +63 908 865 8984.

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