A Man's Guide to Pulling Off an Epic Valentine's Day Surprise

It's not easy. But pull it off and you become a legend.

Good job, Sebastien Gilbert! Give the man a hand for pulling off an epic Valentine's Day surprise for his girl, Janina Manipol. She had no idea he was in the same building, listening in on her romantic musings while assembling a special Pandora Charm bracelet for her. The result is a sweet moment they will remember forever. You'll want to approximate the same feelings of love, joy, and astonishment for your woman this Valentine's Day.

The first thing you have to understand, however, is that orchestrating an elaborate surprise on your own is a gargantuan task. You need help—lots of it. You need her friends and colleagues to let you in on her schedule, so you can keep tabs on her and operate stealthily. Even making friends with the doorman at her condo can lead to some strategic opportunities.

Second, you need time—as much of it as possible. Setting up a legit surprise won't happen overnight, especially when restaurants and hotels are fully booked, and traffic is heavier than usual. Even the gift you want to get might already be sold out. Start planning early—being a few steps ahead is key to making this work.

Finally, you need a gift that's classy and sincere—something to remind her that she's always on your mind. The keepsake should also be a touchstone for the surprise you've put together for her. It's not always an easy item to find, but if you know her well, it should make the task a bit easier.

So do it. Plan that surprise for her and make this a Valentine's Day to remember.

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