We Found Playboy, Voltes V, Bowie Records, and Other Items From Our Childhood at Ali Mall

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As we continue to be bombarded by bad news every day, we yearn more and more for the unretrievable past. It’s apparent in the songs pop stars sing today, the slew of rebooted movies and TV shows on streaming services, and even in fashion trends that look more and more like what’s in our parents’ closets.

Suddenly, retro is trendy, vintage is the new new, and using secondhand items is cool. The people behind Ali Mall seem to have caught the throwback fever, too, as they announced a retro conference to be held on the last two weekends of March. 

We recently paid a visit to the congregation of vintage sellers and buyers in what is arguably the most retro mall in Metro Manila. Below are some of the items that brought us back to our childhoods.

1| Your Dad's Magazines

There were only a few stalls that featured literature, but the ones that had it offered great titles. Some of the magazines we found were elusive issues of Ginoo magazine, a National Lampoon from 1975, and copies of Playboy from 1975.


2| Your Dream Vinyl Collection

Sure, music streaming is convenient, but it doesn’t capture the allure and raw sound of a vinyl record. The conference featured some collector favorites, including records from The Rolling Stones, Nat King Cole, and David Bowie.

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3| Your Cool Movie Posters

Creatives will get a kick out of posters that date back to the '60s, including original movie posters of some of Philippine Cinema’s best films.


4| Your '90s Toy Box

There were odd toys like a pre-Funko Pop Jollibee figurine, as well as other finds that made the 10-year-old in us excited. Check out the unopened Bandai Fukkokuban Chogokin DX Brave Raideen from the '90s below.

4| Your Favorite Console Games

The PlayStation 5’s backward compatibility may get you excited, but it won’t let you relive games from the retro consoles of the '90s. Who can forget the OG arcade game of all, Capcom’s Street Fighter II?


5| Your Weird Discoveries

And then there were items that are borderline dubious or are so old many of us might not even remember that they were a thing. Like these meteorites. I guess we weren’t in class when they told us meteorites are supposed to bring good luck?


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