Ateneans Embrace the Atenean Stereotype on This Hilarious Twitter Thread

Let's forget about the game for a minute.

Against the background of the UAAP basketball finals between neighbors Ateneo de Manila University and University of the Philippines, we found this gem of a Twitter thread created by @littleboondock.

The UPD Malikhaing Pagsulat graduate asks: “my ADMU friends, I love u all but I need a good laugh—what’s the most Atenean thing you’ve ever done (DM me if it’s too classist and/or embarrassing)” 

And in the spirit of friendship, Ateneans responded to the her request to, well, make fun of themselves. Here are some of the best entries:  

A different way to treat tech

A special kind of help

A mixed bag of priorities

And this verbal gem

Yup, these things may have happened in the Loyola Schools. (Raise your hand if you have been a witness to similar moments.)

The Twitter author says that she may have “created a monster” and advised everyone to “live simply, so that other may simply live. always.”  

We're taking that as cue not to take things too seriously. Consider these as a respite from all the emotions bubbling up in the heat of competition. In other words, read with a light heart.  

Note, too, these examples of another kind of very Atenean thing to do.

Is that better? Let us know if you have unbelievable tales of school life, too.

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