Axe’s Latest Campaign Merges Your Love for Restaurants, Clothes, and Parties

Here’s an inside look.
Axe’s Latest Campaign Merges Your Love for Restaurants, Clothes, and Parties

The Belle & Dragon in Makati proved to be an ideal venue for the Axe Recommends launch party held on February 28. The British-style pub and restaurant’s laid-back ambience helped set the prescribed mindset for the evening: to just kick back and relax, savor the food and drinks, and enjoy the plethora of experiences on offer.

Guests were given a free haircut at a pop-up barbershop and inked at a tattoo station. A professional tailor was on standby in case they wanted a custom-made suit.

There was also a silent disco inside Mandalay, a speakeasy bar you can access through the Belle and Dragon. You could enjoy the music only if you wore the headphones provided, and dance all you want even if no one else knew which song you were listening to.

Axe presented its four new brand ambassadors—Wil Dasovich, Vince Vandorpe, Alexander Diaz, and Donny Pangilinan—during the event. In the video below, these four gentlemen expound on their passions and on making the most out of what life has to offer. Watch it:

Wil Dasovich is a well-known travel vlogger who documents his trips around the globe. He has visited local destinations such as Davao and far-flung locations like Switzerland.

As an Axe Recommends Ambassador, Wil can provide recommendations on where and how to get the most rewarding experiences when you travel. He’ll tell you where to find the answers to your food cravings, where to find the best leisure activities, and how to best immerse yourself in the local culture.

Vince Vandorpe is an actor and YouTuber who knows how to look his best in front of the camera. This guy has garnered much attention from appearing in a number of commercials and TV shows. He can provide grooming tips and information on the best places to get groomed, as well as advice on how to work your way to the top.

Donny Pangilinan’s style choices seem to evolve with every new project. Despite being relatively young, this actor and influencer knows what to wear on every occasion. Follow him for cues on your next get-up.

Alexander Diaz leads an active lifestyle, and he’s proud of it. He even teaches spin classes. He’s the right guy to follow if you want to learn more about staying fit and getting the physique you want.

Here's the thing: All four of them can give recommendations on the right style choices, enjoying dining experiences, and living the life you want.

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