Every serious drinker needs a bar cart in their house

IMAGE RG Medestomas

A home should have a bar should have a bar—next to the Playstation (with NBA), and the vintage pinball machine you found on OLX. But you don’t have a lot of money, the wife is now giving you the stink-eye, and the idea of maintaining a mini-tavern at home doesn’t really jive with your lifestyle. So you do the next best thing: you wheel one in. 

A bar cart saves on space and money. Stock it with the good stuff and consider it the portable watering hole of your dreams.

You begin by actually picking out a cart, ideally one whose personality reflects yours. We love the sleek industrial look of this Edgar trolley by Habitat (P19,800), which doesn’t take away the attention from other key pieces in the room.

And then you fill it up: A man who knows his whiskey knows never to keep just one. Invest on a good range to cater to different pallets. Don’t be afraid to include other liquors too, but stick to the basics. We recommend the Beefeater dry gin, and local players Don Papa rum and Vuqo vodka (distilled in the Philippines from coconuts).


Then you choose your glassware: whiskey tumblers, wine glasses, and highball glasses should do, you can leave the rest in the kitchen. Keep an ice bucket on hand, too.

Lastly: accessorize. It’s a bar cart, not a cabinet—so it’s meant to be a showpiece. A few coffee table books  or art prints will add a visual element, maybe throw in a scented candle to set the mood. And for a splash of life, a little green didn’t hurt anybody. 

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