5 Notable Works of Urban Planner Daniel Burnham in the Philippines

It's been 108 years since the urban planner's passing.

Today marks the 108th year of Daniel Burnham's passing. In the architect and urban designer's long and illustrious career, he created city plans, buildings, and skyscrapers all over the U.S. On our side of the hemisphere, however, he's become known for his work in Manila and Baguio. To celebrate his life and work, we've put together a collection of Burnham's notable works in the Philippines.

1| Roxas Boulevard

Roxas Boulevard

Burnham's Plan For Manila was filled with all sorts of structures and road systems. Only a few came to fruition, and most were brought to life by different architects of the time. But, the creation of Dewey Boulevard (now Roxas Boulevard) was almost completely his. We have him to thank for this long strip road that leads to everywhere.

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2| National Museum Complex

National Museum of Anthropology (Manila, Philippines)


The center of Burnham's Manila plan was Rizal Park, and so he intended for government buildings to surround the area. The neoclassical National Museum of Fine Arts, National Museum of Anthropology, and the National Museum of Natural History—though mostly designed by architect Ralph Harrington Doane—were all part of his plan.

3| Burnham Park

Burnham Park

Much of Burnham's plans for Baguio had to do with turning the city into the summer capital of the Philippines. The urban planner's most notable work in the city has to be Burnham Park. Located in downtown Baguio, the park was designed with William E. Parsons.

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4| Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol

Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol, Bacolod

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The urban planner didn't only work on Manila and Baguio, he also went as far as Bacolod with Negros Occidental's Provincial Capitol. The building follows Burnham's Beaux-Arts style, with columns, cornices, and pilasters.


5| Pangasinan Provincial Capitol

Provincial Capitol

In Pangasinan, Burnham designed the province's neoclassical capitol building. It features striking columns, entablatures, and pediments. Inside, the plan for the building included a courthouse, jail, garage, hospital, and even residences.

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