Bring Brilliance to Every Corner of Your Space With Alphalux

When it comes to setting the atmosphere of a home, lighting is everything.

Bring Brilliance to Every Corner of Your Space With Alphalux

A good play of lights is fundamental in every abode. While it’s often overlooked by many, it could make or break the overall tone of any area of your home depending on how each one is used.
On top of natural light, artificial light is also crucial in building up depth in your living space. Brighter lights are a foolproof way to make you feel alert, while dimmer and softer ones are known to induce feelings of relaxation and sleep.

Looking to give your place a revamp through harmonious lighting? You can count on Wilcon Depot’s lighting solutions from Alphalux—a brand that offers a wide range of lighting fixtures. Name it, they've got it. Check out some of our finds below:

Ceiling Lamp

For some ambient lighting, a ceiling lamp instantly brightens up any space—be it the dining area, kitchen, or bedroom. The best part about this is it could act as a good base layer of light as it makes other lighting layers blend well without requiring a lot of energy.


Want to give your home a more luxurious feel? A chandelier is the answer. This type of lighting is known to evoke a sense of elegance and it’s a no-brainer why it’s displayed in hotels, ballrooms, among other grand locations. A chandelier’s ability to distribute brightness to every corner of space without compromising on style is what makes it a must-have for homeowners. It’s ideal to have one in your living room, bedroom, and entryway.

Table Lamp

Getting your hands on a table lamp is a practical choice. Aside from its energy-saving features, it could also act as a favorable source of light in your bedroom, especially at night. Alphalux has various options that could easily add not just convenience but also style to your room as they complement your theme and furniture without a hitch.

Wall Lamp

Add warmth to your space with wall lamps that can illuminate your dull walls. Alphalux has a variety of wall lamps in different styles, sizes, and shapes to give your plain partitions and corners the welcoming vibe they need without overpowering your other lighting tools. Not to mention, installing them is quite a breeze, too.

Pendant Lamp

A must-have for every homey space, pendant lights easily illuminate a room and let you set the tone according to your liking. They are called such for a reason—lighting fixtures of this kind act like pendants of a necklace, making them a suitable choice for the stylish and contemporary. Through pendant lamps, you can make the best of your abode’s narrow spaces like the dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Flood Light

Outdoor lighting is just as important as indoor lighting. Flood lights are paramount for security purposes as they give off a bright light with wide coverage, making them useful for spacious areas during nighttime. They are also energy-efficient and eco-friendly, so they could give you every peso’s worth.

Wilcon Depot is here to help you achieve a well-lit home through Alphalux’s light solutions—from ceiling lamps, chandeliers, and table lamps to wall lamps, pendant lamps, flood lights, and beyond.

With Wilcon’s endless product offerings, you can make your dream home a reality.

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