Filipinos Love Dogs More Than Cats, According to Study

Some people say dogs are the best. Some people say cats are the best. It's a great debate that's as old as time. Well, now we have the closest thing to an answer. A new study by insurance brand Budget Direct has revealed that the world likes cats more than dogs.

That's right. Cats win this battle... for now. Budget Direct counted every post on Instagram with tags related to cats and dogs to come up with the results.

"We wanted to settle the age-old debate once and for all, so we compared the ratio of #doglove and #catlover hashtags in each country. Cats get a bad rep but our data shows they rule the world. 91 countries can officially be named 'cat countries,' while 76 are 'dog nations,'" the study said.

In the Philipines, however, dogs were a clear winner. We do love our askals after all. Three cities from the Philippines figured in the study: Manila, Taguig, and Quezon City. Out of the three, Quezon City loved dogs more than cats at 36 percent. While Taguig's preference for dogs scored low at 27 percent.

While cat-lovers took more countries, dogs had more fans when it comes to continents. The dog posts in North and South America, Oceania, and Africa outweighed all the cat posts. Cats were more popular overall in Europe and Asia, however.

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