These Ads From the '70s Make You Wonder What the Copywriters Were On
Too much?

Advertisements have the strange power to get in your head and stay there. (Raise your hand if you're still trying to get Alice Dixson's "I can feel it" out of your mind.) Whether it's a TV commercial, a few words on a billboard, or a page in a magazine, copywriters have their work cut out for them. Their words need to jump out and affect you enough that they make you want to buy sh*t.

Copywriting is a skill: concise, effective, and always current. You have to know what people want at the right moment--which is what got us thinking: What did people back in the '70s want because advertisements back then were just...awkward. Whatever it is, we're glad times change.

"A go-go." It may be time to bring that word back:

Well, someone checked the thesaurus for all the superlatives they could use for food. (Hey, is that Maricel Soriano?)

The writer was a frustrated romance novelist.

Because you need to be able to convert two glasses to the Imperial system.

This ad is about very attractive clogged sinuses.

Write and repeat:

Orange flavor so tart, it'll make you wink.

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