This Filipino Husband-And-Wife Duo Conquered the World's Deepest Dive Pool

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Sean and Mich Calma are experienced divers who run the online community During a recent trip to the Middle East that took them to see the pyramids of Egypt among other places, they made a stopover in the United Arab Emirates to visit Deep Dive Dubai, whose dive pool is the deepest in the world. 

Sean and Mich Calma

Photo by Mich Calma.

With a depth of 60 meters (about 196 feet), the dive pool in Deep Dive Dubai is about as deep as a six-storey building is high.

Mich checking out the books in the library

Photo by Mich Calma / Deep Dive Dubai.


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Opened in October 2021, the dive pool is located inside a 1,500 square meter building shaped like an oyster, in a nod to the UAE’s past as a country of pearl divers.

The pool itself contains an “underwater city,” where divers can do things like play billiards or explore rooms that look abandoned, like a kitchen, bedroom, library, and others. 

Catching a quick nap underwater

Photo by Mich Calma / Deep Dive Dubai.

“One thing that really amazed me was, this was the first time I've heard music underwater,” Mich Calma tells Esquire Philippines. “It's like you're in a lobby of a hotel. It relaxes you while you descend but you forget about it when you start to explore.”

Filmmakers can also shoot scenes as Deep Dive Dubai also has provisions to be an underwater film studio. There are also courses not just for certified divers but for beginners. Freedivers can also explore the place.

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One round of pool in a swimming pool

Photo by Mich Calma / Deep Dive Dubai.

“It’s definitely a bucketlist for divers,” Mich says.

Watch Sean and Mitch's Deep Dive Dubai adventure here: 


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