Don't Feed Your Dog These Christmas Leftovers, Unless You Want an Emergency Vet Visit

Protect the pups at all costs.
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We know everyone is in the festive spirit and might be feeling generous enough to let the dogs munch on Christmas dinner leftovers. But unless you want an emergency vet visit, don’t do it. It should be common knowledge by now that feeding dogs human food is not good for your dogs, unless you’re taking care to check every ingredient your pup is digesting. But for whatever reason, be it lack of information or irresponsibility, a lot of owners still throw dogs leftovers full of ingredients that can be toxic to your pups.

This Christmas, make sure you don’t make that mistake, and never give your dogs the following Christmas dinner leftovers. Stay strong in the face of those puppy eyes and heartfelt whines—you’ll be doing them a favor.

Here’s the food to avoid giving your pups:

  • Ham & bacon
  • Bones
  • Fat trimmings
  • Food with onions
  • Food with garlic
  • Anything with milk
  • Anything too salty
  • Blue cheese
  • Fruit cake
  • Grapes
  • Raisins
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Wine

Your dog might be begging for it, but too much pork can cause pacreatitis, and too much chicken can hurt their kidneys. Nuts and fat trimmings at chock full of, well, fat, and that’s not good for your dog’s stomach either. As for chicken bones, they’re so small and easy to swallow that they could puncture their digestive tract as it goes down.

If you want to really treat your pups this Christmas, give them dog-friendly treats made specifically for dogs. Dog cakes exist, so give them that—instead of an impromptu visit to the vet.


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