What's On the Wish Lists of the Editors of Esquire Philippines?

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Hey, hey, hey! It looks like we made it. With only a few days to go until Christmas (and a few more until we leave 2020 in the dust), we’re taking this opportunity to send a very clear hint to the universe. 

To the Higher Power of the Great Beyond (a.k.a. Santa Claus, or whatever it is you call your sweetheart), these are the things that we’d like to unwrap on Christmas morning. Kindly deliver to our home addresses via speedy courier reindeer who will not get lost and will also practice responsible social distancing. We’ve been very, very good, not to mention amazingly resilient, this year, so please, Mr. Power, do us a solid over here. Please. 

This Smart Air Solution

Dyson Pure Cool Tower, dyson.ph


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A post shared by Dyson (@dyson)

“I want a Dyson Pure Cool Tower for my work-from-home space where I'm holed up 12 to 14 hours a day. I've had the round one for years, but I want the tall one so I'm fully covered. It'll purify the air in the room and keep it free of dust, germs, and other pollutants, while keeping me cool all day without the need for air conditioning.” —Yvette Fernandez, editor in chief

This Electric Octopus Wrangler


Omni Universal Tower Extension, lazada.com.ph


Photo by True Value.

“This is the Godzilla of extension cords. You could connect all your appliances to this thing, and there would still be room for more. If you're working from home with multiple gadgets, this freaking monument is your ultimate charging station. It's industry-grade shit, and I, being a total nerd for all things hardware and home improvement, am living for it.” —Anri Ichimura, section editor


This Instant Party


Heineken Blade, drinkies.ph

Photo by Drinkies.


"My Christmas gift for myself is the Heineken Blade Machine. It comes with an eight-liter keg, 12 Heineken glasses, 25 coasters, a skimmer, and a skimmer holder. It costs P25,000 if you want to buy it, but you can also rent the whole set for three days for P2,000. I like the smooth and creamy draught served up with each pour, but the best part is you don't need to water down your booze with ice because the machine keeps your beer cold 24/7. Your beer stays fresh even when you leave it in the machine for days." —Mario Alvaro Limos, features editor

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This Awesome Body Holder

Masculo Lounge Chair Sledgebase by Gubi, curiocavern.ph


Photo by Curio Cavern.


“Since I'm in the process of furnishing a new place, a lot of the things on my list this year have been furniture. All I really need now is an amazing chair like this one from Gubi. The Masculo Lounge Chai was designed by GamFratesi (the same duo behind Rockwell Glasshouse by Harlan + Holden), and it has just the right mix of Scandi and Italian influences.” —Paolo Chua, associate style editor 


This Person Who Will Help 

Marie Kondo 

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A post shared by Marie Kondo (@mariekondo)

“I must have hit peak tito because the only thing I want this Christmas is stuff for the home. Of course, that might be because I recently moved to a new place, so I’m still in that fix-up-my-new-crib headspace. That said—and although I won’t say no to, perhaps, a new coffee table, an accent chair, or drapes to keep out the sun (wallowing in misery is better in the dark)—I honestly could do without any gifts this year. Because if I’ve learned anything about myself during this whole moving process, it’s that I keep a lot of stuff. Like an episode-of-Hoarders-level of stuff. So maybe what I’m really wishing for is a surprise visit from Marie Kondo, so she can help me throw shit out and nudge me in the direction of Only-That-Which-Sparks-Joy Land."—PJ Caña, associate editor




This Thing


"That’s not your internet service provider conking out on you. All I want for Christmas is a solid block of quiet—the blissfully blank kind absent of worries about the Big Machine. I would also like to wake up naturally for a few days and not because the never-ending dread of what I have to do next has told my brain to peel my eyelids open. So if I don’t get back to your very urgent and important requests until next year, please don’t take it personally. I’m just enjoying this gift."—Clifford Olanday, associate editor

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