This Country Has Been Named Best for Beaches in the World

Beats buying a plane ticket to the Hawaii

If it's a sun, sea and sand holiday you're after, you need to go to this country for the most beautiful locationafter Spain was named the best place in the world for beaches.

Blue Flag rate beaches around the world based on standards for water quality, safety, environmental education and information, and Spanish coasts topped the list for the 30th consecutive year.

Menorca, Balearic Islands

So if a beach is given a Blue Flag? It's good newswhich makes Spain's 684 Blue Flag awards including 579 Spanish beaches, 100 marina resorts, and five newly awarded sustainable tourist boat operators pretty impressive.

Jannich Petersen, CEO of said of the win: "The prestigious accolade is awarded for more than just naturally beautyit also takes into consideration water quality, accessibility and sustainability.

"The Blue Flag awards are a great indicator of how the coastal towns and regions of Spain are committed to preserving the 8,000 km of coastline."

It's not all good news for Spain, though, as just yesterday it was named the most likely country to have your passport stolen inafter research suggested more than 5,000 passports were nicked there last year.

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