SAVE THIS: How to Stay Safe in Case of a Fire

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It seems like every year we hear news of a big fire, whether it’s in a residential area, a mall, or a private establishment. While no one wants to think of being at the scene of a blaze, it’s best to know what to do in case you find yourself in that situation. Save these tips on how to stay safe during a fire:

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Activate fire alarms on your way out, and call 911 for help. Avoid opening doors that are hot to the touch, as there could be fire on the other side.

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If the fire is still fairly small, you can attempt to contain it with an extinguisher.

When putting out a fire, make sure there is an unobstructed exit behind you. And if the fire doesn’t die out immediately, put the extinguisher down and evacuate the building—according to the American Red Cross, most extinguishers run empty within eight minutes.

You’re probably been hearing about the Stop, Drop, and Roll method since grade school, and it still holds true.

The point is to put out the fire by smothering it and cutting off its access to oxygen.

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You might be thinking that the elevator would be faster than the stairs, but using the lift is a really bad idea.

The electricity could short out, causing the elevator to malfunction, or worse, the elevator shaft could get filled with smoke from the other floors. Besides, the elevator takes long enough to arrive on a regular workday—imagine trying to board it when all the people in the building are trying to get out at the same time.

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If your means of escape is blocked, take refuge in a room with a window.

Close the door and keep the smoke out by covering the cracks with a damp cloth or tape, then head to the window and signal for help.

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