10 Gag Gifts Under P800 to Give Your Officemates This Christmas


Christmas is right around the corner and if instead of the generic monogrammed gifts you were thinking of giving your officemates this year, why not get them something silly or maybe even random? We've rounded up some offbeat finds that you could present as a joke apart from your actual gift:

Game Boy Heat Change Mug

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A ‘90s kid would know and appreciate this ode to the good old days. The ‘Game Boy’ screen on the mug lights up when filled with a hot drink. P.S. if you want to go even further back, Quirks sells a Super Mario version of the mug, too.

SHOP: Quirks PH, P650

Wastebasket Basket

This way, he wouldn’t have to be in the court to shoot some hoops.

SHOP: Quirks PH

Lavatory Mist Fifty Shades of Brown

Who’s kidding who here? ‘Lavatory Mist’ is just another fancy term for poop spray. This cheekily bottled fragrance will make any bathroom activity simply… disappear.

SHOP: Quirks PH, P650

Canvas Aprons

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Who says guys should stay away from the kitchen, even if it’s just to pour hot water from the dispenser onto a cup of noodles?

SHOP: Common Room, P459

How Not to Kill Yourself: A Survival Guide for Imaginative Pessimists by Set Sytes

Millennials are constantly joking about killing themselves, anyway, so a British author actually wrote a self-help book about how to keep them from doing it.

SHOP: Fully Booked, P478

President Donald Trump Doll

“Can be treated as an approach to release stress and anti-depression,” the product description reads. We’re not exactly sure how, but Trump as a Troll doll is a hoot.


SHOP: Shopee, P528

Glow in the Dark Finger Tentacles

“Plain old fingers can get so boring,” this one reads. Yeah, we’ve heard that one before.

SHOP: Shopee, P97

Pickle Rick Plushie

For the Rick & Morty fans in our lives.

SHOP: Lazada, P299

Politricks Card Game

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Money money money... It's a rich man's world

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This one’s actually fun to play. Think of it as something similar to Monopoly Deal but with actions such as pork barrel scams, using celebrities as campaign gimmicks, and bribing one’s way through elections. It’s also proudly Filipino-made, so yay?

SHOP:  Abubot.ph, P600

Cockroach Pillows

More random Shopee finds! The great thing about this product is that it comes in a variety of sizes. All the more to annoy your officemate who hates flying ipis.

SHOP: Shopee, P744

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