Georgina Wilson On Leaving Her Comfort Zone and Why You Should, Too

It might be scary, but it's almost always worth it.
Georgina Wilson On Leaving Her Comfort Zone and Why You Should, Too

Georgina Wilson, like any young celebrity, has experienced time as the “It” girl of the Metro Manila social scene. Along with her happening posse, she made the rounds of every party, fashionable shindig, and exclusive function. No door stayed closed to her, and having her grace your event actually sort of made it a success.

While the latter might still ring somewhat true, Georgina is now a different kind of "It" girl. Associated with the scene in a completely different way, Georgina is a focused businesswoman, and a dedicated wife and mom.

Stepping away from the limelight wasn't exactly a simple affair. It was especially challenging for Georgina because she was inexperienced with creating and establishing a brand, marketing, or anything about running a business.

Venturing out of one's comfort zone is never an easy thing, but when you approach anything with wonder and a willingness to learn, you set yourself up for success. Take it form Georgina Wilson. Changing her focus and her priorities might have prompted some to question her ability to reinvent herself—but she did. All it took was taking a different path from what was easy and familiar.

Being both adventurous and curious, Georgina enjoyed learning on the fly and all the other challenges that are characteristic of embarking on new endeavors. Now her business is running smoothly, which gives her more time for time at home with her family. And with a helpful tool like the Samsung Galaxy S8, she's able to stay on top of things. Check out the video below to hear what Georgina has to say about it all:

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