Here's How COVID-19 Has Changed How We Stay Informed

The future of news is video-based and online.

There's no denying that the coronavirus has changed our media consumption habits. But how exactly? That's what the Global Web Index (GWI) has figured out for us, and its findings say online video-based news is the next frontier.

Market research company GWI has presented insights about coronavirus and its impacts on consumer behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions throughout the virus' outbreak. And, well, the changes are much more than hot topics such as travel, spending, and work behaviors.

According to GWI's study about coronavirus and media consumption, the Internet has become the leading source of COVID-19-related updates. That doesn't mean, however, that every generation (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers) is getting information the same way. A high percentage of Gen Z (51 percent) rely on online videos on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok for news.

Millennials rely on online videos, broadcast television, and online press. Unsurprisingly, both the older-tier generations Gen X (38- to 56-year-olds) and Boomers (57- to 64-year-olds) have been relying on the television for the latest on COVID-19.

According to the participants, the leading sites for sources of trustworthy information are the World Health Organization, government websites, e-mails and newsletters from the government, news channels, and scientific articles.

The real highlight of the study is the fact that a large number of respondents have been relying on online video-based content for news and updates. "Online videos could have the greatest staying power after the outbreak ends in the U.S. and among Gen Z and millennials especially," the study says.


A strong number of people also cite shared news on Facebook as one of the top sources of information. YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter follow after across all generations.

Read the GWI's coronavirus findings on media consumption here.

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