Top 20 "How To" Google Searches Revealed

Have you asked one of these?

We've all been there—you're sick and can't sleep so naturally, you start Googling your symptoms at 3 a.m.—only to find out that you're in fact dying a horrible, painful death.

Anyway, the Google Trends team has created a site dedicated to analyzing the most asked questions globally on the search engine—and some of the most popular 'how to' searches are surprising.

Google searches that begin with "how to" are on the rise, growing by 140% in the last 13 years and among those searches, it seems fruit flies are a worldwide problem and turns out there's a lot of people who don't know how to boil an egg.

In comparison to 2016, losing weight was in the top five last year and it's still Googled a lot now—but people are no longer Googling 'how to play Pokémon Go' (so last year, literally) and 'how to vote for the referendum' for obvious reasons.


Check out the top 20 'how to' searches for 2017 below, and see how many you've been guilty of Googling...

1| How to tie a tie

2| How to kiss

3| How to get pregnant

4| How to lose weight

5| How to draw

6| How to make money

7| How to make pancakes

8| How to write a cover letter

9| How to make french toast

10| How to lose belly fat

11| How to write a resume

12| How to boil eggs

13| How to draw a rose

14| How to gain weight

15| How to get rid of fruit flies

16| How to tie a bow tie

17| How to make slime

18| How to love

19| How to hard boil eggs

20| How to get rid of acne

"Recently, we noticed that 'how to...' searches have increased by more than 140% since 2004," said Simon Rogers, who's Google's data editor.

"And much of that search interest is directed towards how to 'fix' things—whether it's a lightbulb, window, washing machine, or even the toilet.

From: Digital Spy

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