There's One Science-Backed Thing You Can Do to Make Yourself More Likeable to Coworkers

It reduces workplace gossip, too.

Let's be real: no one is exempt from workplace drama. There's always someone stirring things up, and if there isn't anyone in your workgroup... it could be you.

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According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, gossiping and making rude remarks are some of the major roots of workplace drama. And, there's one way to take focus away from that: by keeping a gratitude journal.

What's a gratitude journal, you ask? It's a place to list down things that you're grateful for. Yup, it really is just as simple as that. We know what you're thinking. Who has the time? You obviously have to have a set time to do it, but if you're having trouble at work, it could be worth it.

"Gratitude interventions are exercises designed to increase your focus on the positive things in your life. One intervention involves writing down a list of things you are thankful for each day," says management professor Shannon Taylor.

She continues, "That simple action can change your outlook, your approach to work, and the way your co-workers see you."

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